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Anti-HBC ELISA kits are designed for qualitative detection of antibodies against the hepatitis B core antigen in human serum or plasma. They are used for diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B virus infection. They should be stored between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius to prevent contamination. You should always store the reagents properly. Here are some important guidelines for storing your reagents.

Positive IgM anti-HBc indicates that the body has started to defend against HBV. It is also a sign that the individual is in the acute phase of the infection. The IgG anti-HBc test is expected to become positive in a few weeks. In contrast, negative results mean that the virus is in an active chronic infection. If you have a negative anti-HBc result, then your immune system is still fighting the virus.

The recombinant antigen used in the anti-HBc test is produced by Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc. through a shared manufacturing arrangement. After testing the test specimen, the antigen-antibody complexes will form on the microwell surface. If the complexes are not formed, the sample is washed. This removes any unbound serum or plasma proteins.

The study was conducted in Southern Ethiopia. It included 346 individuals. Of these, 34 were seropositive and three were seronegative. A total of 117 samples were positive for anti-HBc. The incidence was 11.7%. Males were more likely to be positive for the anti-HBc antibody than females. Furthermore, the prevalence of anti-HBc was higher in individuals with a history of jaundice than in those with no history.

YF17D/HBc-C vaccine elicited detectable anti-HBc antibodies. In addition, the rHBc vaccine induces a stronger cellular and humoral immune response. The vaccine contains the soluble HBc protein from the N terminus of the YF17D polyprotein. It has been shown to enhance CTL and enhance cytolytic clearance in mice.

The inversely proportional development of the anti-HBc antibody bound to the HBcAg is used to measure the color intensity. The reaction is stopped with the addition of sulfuric acid. The developed color is measured with a suitable photometer at 450 nm. The selected reference wavelength is within 620 to 690 nm. You may also consider ordering a test to confirm the presence of anti-HBc antibody in healthy blood donors. Elisa Washer is a medical device specially designed to clean the microplate. A plate washer is mainly used to clean some residual substances after the detection of the ELISA plate to reduce the errors caused by the residues in the subsequent detection process.

YF17D/HBc-C boost is the most effective method for eliciting HBc-specific T-cell responses. YF17D/HBc-C prime elicited the most IFNg-secreting T cells. However, rHBc prime-boost immunisation elicited the best response in mice. In addition, the YF17D/HBc-C boost was also the most effective rHBc-specific Th1 cell responses.

YF17D/HBc-C peptide was engineered by inserting a cDNA encoding the HBc protein into the polyprotein YF17D. In a head-to-head comparison, YF17D/E-HBc-NS1 produced the strongest responses in mice. This recombinant YF17D/HBc elisa antibody is a highly effective HBV vaccine candidate and is based on the YF17D/HBc peptide.

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